EWomen Specialist Clinic

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Ewomen Specialist Clinic is a web and mobile based platform aimed at affording all women with a quick and reliable access to wide and varying range of obstetrics and gynecological services on-line.

Our services range from provision of health information, health education, counseling, expert advice, and online consultation.

Are you tired of encountering long, rigorous, time wasting, hospital waiting time each time you want to see a doctor just to listen to your complaints? Or are you too busy to come down to the hospital to book an appointment to see one? Or are you too shy to discuss your most private issues in the hospital? Or do you need a second opinion on the medical and or surgical management of your condition? Or do you need an urgent medical attention that can't wait for your next clinic appointment? We at Ewomen Specialist Clinic have highly experienced qualified consultant obstetricians and Gynaecologists who at the click of your fingers can chat with you to shed light into whatever may be of concern to you, every day, every week and every month of the year.

Therefore, we do like to encourage you to register and join our community of healthy women who are already enjoying this rare opportunity in our environment.