Busivel Oil and Gas takes Well Solutions to the Next Level

We offer Well Engineering Solutions worldwide and can perform comprehensive well design or consult on specific issues.
INTERGRATED FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Leveraging the range of processes and technologies offered through our alliances and partnerships, we can deliver a new field development from subsurface model to first oil and beyond. A typical project includes the development the development of a subsurface well locations and well design and engineering. This is followed by the execution of the plan, including well construction, surface facility design, construction installation and ongoing operational management. A life-of-field approach optimizes the development and overall value of an asset.
INTERGRATED FIELD REHABILITATION: This is a highly engineered focused business solution for mature field production levels and increase ultimate recovery. We bring world class operating techniques, engineering and technologies to mature fields, resulting in significant value creation.

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Maximizing drainage with fewest wells

The least expensive well is the one you don't have to drill. Our Collaborative Well Planning service enables engineers and geoscientists to maximize reservoir drainage with the fewest wells possible by understanding each other's constraints. As a result, our recommended targets and well paths also avoid collisions and subsurface hazards that cause NPT or HSE issues.