Busivel Software Company takes Software Testing to the Next Level

Software tests we perform:

1. Blackbox Testing - We test your inputs and outputs without getting into the your software access code to ensure the outputs are inline with your objectives.
2. Whitebox Testing - We test your inputs and outputs after understanding the code architecture.
3. Acceptance Testing - We test the functionality and usability of the system.
4. Automated Testing - We automate testing, execution and verification of your softwares. For instance, we could test your web application by running scripts which open up a web page, input some data, push some buttons and then check for some results on a page.
5. Regression Testing - We test old softares to ensure that the system still works the way it used to and none of the code is corrupt.
6. Functional Testing - We test the functionality of your softwares.
7. Exploratory Testing - We explore the application, looking for things that might be wrong or behavior that is unexpected.
8. Load testing- We test to see how an application performs under a heavy load Performance testing- Performance of the application based on certain scenarios
9. Recovery testing- Recovery from error conditions or hardware issues
10. Security testing- The security of the system

We apply global Software Testing Standards and Techniques.
We test in-situ or on your site.
We'll perform our tests within the shortest possible time.

“We test Mobile Apps, Web, Tablet, Mobile phone, Desktop, Games & ATM applications”

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Find the bugs in your software applications before you lunch them

We evaluate the functionality of a software application with an intent to find whether the developed software met the specified requirements or not and to identify the defects to ensure that the product is defect free in order to produce the quality product.