Busivel Group takes Manpower Supply to the Next Level

Our recruitment team has access to several Multinational and indigenous companies seeking to recruit, and a rapidly expanding database of locally and regionally available candidates who have been trained at our training institute and candidates who have been registered at our manpower supply division.
What this means is that we are able to recommend candidates to organizations seeking for candidates with competencies.
We have specialist recruiters for all disciplines in addition to supporting Commercial, HSE and Quality Assurance departments.

“For Skilled recruitment, Technical appraisal Services, Contract staff from start to finish, Industry consultants; contact us”

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The worth of experience

Each industry depends on its people-on their know-how, their training, their attitudes and their dedication. The volatility of the oil and gas industry makes special demands on staff at all levels. As an operator, your needs are constantly changing, movements in project portfolio or geographic operations requiring extra experienced staff. In major projects theres the need to build a management team including contract staff for not only the execution but also the definition and handover phases. And, in operations, as facilities are frequently prolonged and tailored to suit product and sales demands, the challenges multiply further.