Busivel Oil and Gas takes Hydrotesting to the Next Level

We provide specialist hydrotesting, nitrogen / helium leak testing, pneumatic leak testing and a range of other pre-commissioning services. We recognise that verifying the integrity of systems through hydrotesting is a critical activity with a safe, timely and controlled execution being key success factors.
As well as providing hydrotesting services in isolation we can provide a full turnkey offering which would be controlled via our bespoke System Integrity Management (SIM) software, such as, project management, engineering and test pack compilation, total flange management, controlled bolting, system hydrotesting, pool testing, camera inspection, chemical cleaning, water flushing, high pressure water jetting, air blowing, drying and pneumatic pressure testing (air, helium, nitrogen or nitrogen helium).

“Busivel Oil and Gas has the equipment and personnel to offer Hydrotesting Services, Nitrogen/Helium Leak & Pneumatic Leak ”

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Nitrogen Purging and Leak Testing

We provide a range of nitrogen services including nitrogen purging and nitrogen/helium (N2/He) leak testing to production installations and pipelines offshore and to petrochemical, LNG, refining, power generation and process plants onshore.
These services are provided during the commissioning phases of new constructions, or following modification and upgrade during the operations and maintenance phase of existing process piping or plant. Our scope of work includes; purging during shut down and maintenance programmes, leak testing of new process plant and systems, system shut down, maintenance or modification. We also test run and start up of compressors live simulation and commissioning of pipelines.